Conversation Optimization Courses Review-Week1-CRO-CopyWriting

  1. Content Marketing — 24 Hours
  2. Conversation Optimization — 72 Hours
  3. Digital Analytics — 40 Hours
  4. Digital Psychology and Persuasion — 44 Hours
  5. Growth Marketing — 111 Hours
  1. Foundation
  2. Conversion research
  3. Testing
  4. Optimization Strategies
  5. Conversion Optimization Program Management
  6. CXL Certificate Exam
  1. The sample size is calculated to be significant.
  2. Data is collected over a time
  3. Data is collected on recent traffic
  4. It is quantitative
  5. Prospect and customers are being tested
  1. Don’t go smaller than 16px for body copy
  2. Use traditional fonts (Arial, Georgia, Tahoma, etc) for body copy
  3. The optimal line length is 50–75 characters
  4. Write sub-headlines that summarize the paragraphs below
  1. Use Google Tag Manager to measure 100% of site speed data
  2. Server response time should be under 200ms
  3. No single page element should take over a second to load
  4. Minimize the number of round trips (browser — server — browser) that need to be made
  1. Imply important using size and color
  2. When determining how facets of your site should rank in the visual hierarchy, reflect on your business aim.
  3. Apply visual hierarchy to every page
  4. Importance of Visual Design
  5. Use large, inspiring, high-quality photos
  6. Go for simple and prototypical designs
  1. Always offer a guest checkout
  2. Avoid the word “register”. ‘New customer” or similar terminology performs better
  3. Offer account creation after checking out on the Thank You page
  4. Reward account creation e.g. “Save your details and get 20% off your next order” Offer the
  5. option to register using social login
  1. The CTA should be highly noticeable at the top of the page’s visual hierarchy
  2. Leave plenty of “white-space” around your CTAs
  3. The CTA button color should contrast the colors on the rest of the page
  4. FAQs on Websites
  5. Avoid FAQs that are sales copy in disguise
  6. FAQs are more effective in a context than on a separate page




I am learning Growth Marketing

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Mohamad Samruk

Mohamad Samruk

I am learning Growth Marketing

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